December 2012-MARG
A Study conducted on the Delhi Police Helpline 100 and 1091 to assess the gaps towards strengthening its effectiveness on responding to calls on crimes against women. The study was undertaken by Multiple Action Research Group (MARG) in 2012 with support from Jagori, UN Women and Government of Delhi.
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Understanding Women's Safety: Towards a Gender Inclusive City

December 2009-Jagori
A research report on the findings of safety and gender inclusiveness in the city!!
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A Draft Strategic Framework on Women's Safety in Delhi

January 2011-Jagori
A road map for diverse stakeholders and partners towards creating a safe and gender inclusive cities. The framework drafted through multiple consultations with multi-sectoral stakeholders is first of its kind comprehensive document and is being adapted in Delhi and Kerala.
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A Baseline survey on women's safety of the nine districts of Delhi:2010

April 2010-Safe Delhi
Report of Baseline Survey conducted in Delhi in 2010 with more than 5000 people from 9 districts.
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Sexual Harassment: Tips for teenagers and young adults (Hindi)

This is a booklet, in Hindi, describing concepts of sexual harassment at the workplace and public places.
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Review of Initiatives of Women's Safety_2010-12

brief note on the initiatives addressing women's safety.
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Sexual Harassment Booklet: Tips for teenagers and young adults

Know more about what sexual harassment is. What does the law have to say about it? What can you do?
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