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Speak up against sexual harassment

Every time we stay silent when we are harassed or when we see someone else harassed, we are guilty of perpetuating harassment. While it is difficult to respond in certain situations, we must not miss an opportunity when it persists itself. Thus if it is on a crowded bus, you can raise an alarm, or catch hold of the hand that is harassing you. It is equally if not more important to lend a hand to someone else who is getting harassed. Send out the Message loud and clear that we as a city will not tolerate violence against women and girls.

Lodge a complaint

Please don't hesitate to lodge a complaint or First Information Report (FIR) with police. The Criminal Law (Amendment) Act 2013 and Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013 recognises all forms of sexual harassment as a crime and you can file your FIR using the different sections (visit our page Deal with Sexual Harassment for more details). In case you want support, approach any NGO working on women's rights to assist you in lodging complaint. 

Jagori Helpline 26692700 / 8800996640 ,

Share your personal experiences

Almost all women living in cities and especially in Delhi have had some experience of sexual harassment in a public place at some time. We ask you to share your experience. Also, Share Strategies that have helped you deal with sexual harassment, at

Your identity will remain confidential. Remember your experience could be an inspiration or strength for someone else.

Organise a workshop on gender and space/safety of women

We as part of the Safe Delhi Campaign would love to interact with you through sessions, workshops, trainings on understanding the issue of how cities and public spaces are gendered and collectively developing strategies to deal with the sexual harassment. We regularly conduct workshops in colleges, corporate offices, with police officials and other diverse groups. If you wish to organize a workshop in your school, college, office, community, write to us on

Wenlido self-defence training for women in your community

Wenlido is a form of martial arts which is rooted in feminist philosophy. These workshops are a two-day process where women are taught to understand violence and face fear and understand their strengths. There is also a four-hour introductory module that can be conducted. Write to us

Conduct a safety audit. Get your community involved

There are many ways to get your family, colleagues, friends and larger community involved. You could Conduct a Safety Audit, distribute publicity material and identify issues causing lack of safety and report to the RWA or authorities. You could also get a session on women and safety organized with the support of JAGORI.

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Distribute Helpline Booklets, Posters, Stickers

As part of the Safe Delhi Campaign, we continuously produce advocacy and information material for users. A Helpline Booklet of emergency numbers contains phone numbers of important services like shelter homes, women’s helpline, blood banks, hospitals, organizations working on violence against women. There are also posters, with simple messages for a safer community along with key helpline numbers, and stickers that could be used in shops, autos, rickshaws, and cars. View the Products here.

Support the Media Campaign

The Safe Delhi Campaign calls for short films / spots/ videos to address the issue. Videos are a powerful medium to engage viewers in retrospection on the adverse effects of sexual harassment in public spaces and also throw light on the need for community participation. You could broadcast them through TV channels, local cable networks, cinema halls, food courts and malls, and enable wide outreach to sensitize the public. If you are associated with a media house, join hands with the Campaign to Spread the Message.

For further information, write to us at

Initiate a Sexual Harassment Policy in your organization

The Supreme Court of India has mandated that as per the recent Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act and Vishaka Guidelines, every organization must have an anti-sexual harassment policy with a committee to look into the issue. Even educational institutions come under its purview. Unfortunately, there is a severe gap in implementation and several organizations in the country are yet to institute a policy or do not have adequate mechanisms to ensure effectiveness. Ensure that your institution has a policy and a committee in place. It is the responsibility of the employer to educate the employees about the policy and set up mechanisms for prevention.

Write about the campaign

Share Information about the campaign on different networks, blogs, newsletter, websites, newspaper and publications that you have access to. Check out the information that is available in our research studies and knowledge products. For more information, visit RESOURCES.

Online Activism

Link to the Safe Delhi Campaign of JAGORI in support of the campaign and help reach out to your blog visitors.

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