Report of Safety Audits in Delhi, 16th December 2014

On the night of 16th December 54 representatives from various civil society organisations including Jagori, Safetipin, CFAR, Lawyers Collective, NFIW, AIPWA, Action India, Reclaim the Night, CHSJ, SNS,Samarthyam, Nirantar, Breakthrough, Women’s Feature Service, Sakha Cabs, Azad Foundation,Miranda House, Kamla Nehru and several eminent women joined together with to conduct safety audits in New Delhi.
Approximately 60 kilometres of roads were covered in Delhi. 146 safety audits were conducted using Safetipin, along with observation and conversations with people on the streets, in public transport and waiting for public transport. The data was recorded on the gaps that exist in public infrastructure, social usage of public space, public transport and policing.
To read the findings and recommendations, download the report.