Third International Conference on Women's Safety: Building Inclusive Cities - Conference Background Paper

November 2010-Jagori and Women in Cities International
The Third International Conference on Women’s Safety provides an important opportunity to assess some of the current and emerging trends, achievements and challenges in building safe and inclusive cities for women and girls.
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A Handbook on Women's Safety Audits in Low-income Urban Neighbourhoods

November 2010-Jagori in collaboration with Women in Cities International (2010)
A Handbook on Women's Safety Audits in Low-income Urban Neighbourhoods: A Focus on Essential Services, November 2010
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November 2010-Jagori and Women in Cities International (2010)
Meeting in New Delhi on the occasion of the Third International Conference on Women’s Safety, November 22nd to 24th, 2010.
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Gender and Essential Services in Low-income Communities

September 2011-Jagori & Women In Cities International
Report on the Findings of the Action Research Project Women’s Rights and Access to Water and Sanitation in Asian Cities.
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Ten Point Guide to Creating Gender Inclusive Cities

01.04.2011-Women in Cities International, Jagori, ICIWF, CISCSA, ICNIC-T (2011)
This guide builds on learning from working on gender based violence in public spaces in four different cities across the globe.
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National Workshop on Safer Cities for Women

19 - 21 August 2010-Jagori
National workshop on Safer city for women is a report which focuses on the perspectives, methodologies and tools on woman's safety.
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Mahilaao ke liye Surakshit aur Samaveshi Sehar Nirman : Ek Vyavaharik Margdarshika

July 2012-Jagori
Yeh margdarshika mahilaao aur ladkiyun ke liye Surakshit Sehar banane ki prakariya ka vyapak parichay pradarshan karti hain.Isme surakshit seharo par kaam ke mukhay sidhant darz hain aur yeh ek surakshit sehar ke nirman ke liye vyavaharik sidhanto ka ulekh karti hain.
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