SC agrees to examine definition of 'juvenile' in Juvenile Justice Act

Times of India - 04 February 2013
NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court decided on Monday to examine the constitutional validity of the provision giving the definition of juvenile in the Juvenile Justice Act which treats a person as a minor till he attains the age of 18 years.

Justice Verma report reflects pattern of violence on women

Times of India - 03 February 2013
NEW DELHI: Bitter tales of sexual abuse, witness accounts of gang rapes, violence and child labour come through in the report by Justice J S Verma committee, formed to suggest amendments to criminal law.

Women’s safety: CCTVs to be mandatory in Delhi shops

Times of India - 04 February 2013
NEW DELHI: To make Delhi safe for women, the government has decided to make CCTVs mandatory in shops. The decision was taken at a meeting of the home ministry-appointed special task force on January 31, 2013. The three municipal corporations have decided to amend the trade licensing policy to include this clause.

Kathak students allege harassment

Times of India - 04 February 2013
NEW DELHI: The artistes associated with Kathak Kendra are finding the institute's digs at Kingsway Camp, north Delhi, far from conducive to the pursuit of any art. Initially put off by the ambience, they are now concerned about the safety of the students who complain of "regular" sexual harassment by locals.

President Pranab Mukherjee gives nod to tough anti-rape ordinance

Times of India - 04 February 2013
NEW DELHI: President Pranab Mukherjee on Sunday gave his assent to the ordinance sharpening laws against sexual assault, mandating harsher punishment like death penalty for offenders in cases where the victim dies or is pushed into a persistent vegetative state.

People march for 'freedom', demand action on Verma panel report

Times of India - 27 January 2013
NEW DELHI: The tableaux from the Republic Day parade were still being driven out when students, teachers and activists started gathering at the Mandi House metro station for an alternate, "Freedom Parade." They want "Bekhauf Azaadi" (freedom without fear) for women and implementation of the Justice Verma committee report. After thumb-wrestling the police for permission to gather and march on Republic Day, a crowd of over a 1,000 people walked to Jantar Mantar where there were at least five protests - on much the same issues - already in progress.

On Republic Day eve, Sheila Dikshit promises women safety

Times of India - 26 January 2013
Describing "16th December, 2012" as a blot on the history of Delhi, Dikshit said the gang rape shook the conscience of the city. The government has reaffirmed to the union government it will make Delhi Police more responsive and vigilant to ensure proper safety and security of citizens especially women.