“Happy” feminism

15 February 2013
One billion rising is “a global strike, an invitation to dance, a call to men and women to refuse to participate in the status quo until rape and the rape culture ends, an act of solidarity demonstrating to women the commonality of their struggle, a new time and a new way of being” the slickly produced website proclaimed, right under a box where one could watch a live webcast of “solidarity events” taking place around the world. In India, the venue was Delhi where women and a group of young girls gathered to rise up against violence and any form of harassment.

What every woman in Mumbai wants?

18 February 2013
As the survey shows, many women (a sizeable 44%) don't feel safe outside after dark and cops don't inspire much confidence; 94% don't report harassment on the street to police. Then there are some very serious infrastructure problems. The lack of clean toilets makes Mumbai as uncomfortable as any other Indian city (that's the biggest grouse women have, with 43% choosing it as their pet peeve about the city's public spaces). The autorickshaw driver and the cabbie continue to be a pain; 55% women say they have been overcharged and 36% complain of rude behaviour.

Delhi feels more unsafe, foreigners say

17 February 2013
NEW DELHI: Thirty-year-old Hannah Backmeier from Germany is apprehensive about her safety every time she steps out of her hotel room in the national capital. The tourist arrived here with three female friends days soon after last December's brutal gang-rape when the nation was seized with anger and shock.

"One bilion women victims of Violence" : Hyderabad

Times of India - 12 February 2013
HYDERABAD: One in three women on the planet is likely to be beaten or raped during their lifetime and with the world population pegged at 7 billion, the numbers of victims add up to more than one billion women, said representatives of the 'One Billion Rising Collective', a global campaign to end gender violence.

Now a safety helpline website for women's security

Times of India - 08 February 2013
NEW DELHI: At time when the capital faces the heat for lack of safety measures for women, comes a website that offers help to anyone in the country at just the click of a button.The website's tool empowers distressed men and women both, to inform their near and dear ones just by a sms or a missed call on its toll free helpline number - 9212366600.

One Billion to rise this Valentine's Day against abuse

Times of India - 11 February 2013
NEW DELHI: 'Strike, Dance, Rise', that's what one billion people from 199 countries, including India, will do on Valentine's Day under the campaign - One Billion Rising. The word "billion", say the organizers, refers to the one billion women who are survivors of abuse. NGOs like Sangat and Jagori are helping to mobilize people for 14 February event.

Action plan to combat crime against women

The Hindu - 05 February 2013
After having made rape laws more stringent, the Centre on Monday came out with a time-bound action plan to combat crimes against women. It proposed allowing registration of FIR in any police station and other police reforms; introducing a nationwide three-digit emergency response number; making the identity of those convicted for crime against women public; and promoting women to drive public transport vehicles to ensure safer journey for women.