The Campaign

A vision for a safe and inclusive city led to the designing of the Safe Delhi Campaign in 2004. Over the years, the city transformed itself in terms of its physical infrastructure. But, the development did not lead to a sensitive society. Violence against women, especially in public spaces was detrimental to the mobility, education, and livelihood and over all contentment in their lives. A constant fear of violence and the day to day incidences made the city non-inclusive, inaccessible and unsafe space for women and other vulnerable sections of the society. Such a fear plays into most of the decisions women take and influences their choices, which often ends up reducing the opportunities. For example, often, girls from South Delhi don’t take admissions in colleges in North Campus to avoid using public transport for long hours or lack of proper toilets in several communities adversely affects women's health condition. 

The Campaign focused on the right to participation of women in city life. It believes that women should be guaranteed an equal opportunity to access and use public places as a right to the city. It calls for a gender sensitive urban designing and planning, a responsive police and judiciary, a better public transport system and an increased civic awareness to ensure safety in the city. 

Let's reclaim our right to safe public spaces. Let's join hands tin making the city safe and inclusive for all.